imagem_sabrinaPrelecionista: Sabrina Ângela Cassol

Orientador: Rafael Alfenas

Data: 09/02, às 8h, via Google Meet*

Resumo: Ceratocystis wilt, caused by Ceratocystis fimbriata Ellis & Halsted, is a vascular disease that causes wilt, root rot and canker in various agricultural and forestry crops worldwide. It is currently one of the main limiting factors for kiwifruit cultivation and expansion of the crop in Brazil and constitutes a serious threat to the world’s largest kiwi producers, where the disease has not yet been reported. Studies developed since Ceratocystis wilt started to occur in kiwifruit have provided important information about the pathosystem, however, some questions still remain unanswered delaying the development of disease management strategies. There are few studies on the control of C. fimbriata in kiwifruit and no information on the efficacy of fungicides against the pathogen is currently available, which is one of the objectives of this work. First, we demonstrated that among four fungicides (Ridomil Gold MZ, Collis, Comet and Tutor) tested for inhibition in vitro of the fungus mycelial growth and spore germination, Ridomil Gold MZ and Comet were the most effective. However, these fungicides were not effective in vivo as protectors of pruning wounds against C. fimbriata infection, evaluated in two kiwifruit cultivars. In a second study, we found that C. fimbriata can spread from diseased to healthy plants by pruning tools and that immersion in hot water at 80 °C for 15 seconds is the only effective method for total eradication of the pathogen, among the tested methods for disinfestation of pruning tools. A third study demonstrated that isolates of the fungus from different hosts can infect kiwifruit, with different levels of aggressiveness, including C. lukuohia from ohia. Overall, the results of these studies contribute to increase knowledge about the C. fimbriata-kiwifruit pathosystem and provide useful information for planning the disease management.

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