Arte_seminario_MarianaPrelecionista: Mariana Guimarães Data: 03/05/2022, às 16h, no  Auditório do prédio ESB

Orientador: Eduardo Mizubuti

Resumo: Infections of a plant by more than one pathogen are recognized to be common in plant diseases. In the context of multi-infections, the pathogen-pathogen interactions have been barely explored in plant pathology due to limitations in detection of coinfection and knowledge gaps about pathogen-host interaction mechanisms. Pathogen-pathogen interactions may involve joint exploitation of host resources, alteration of host-mediated defenses, and chemical or mechanical interference. The possible results of these interactions are competition or competition-exclusion, spiteful behavior, or cooperation between pathogens. The consequences of pathogen-pathogen interactions affect the epidemiology of the diseases, the evolution of virulence, and management strategies. These concepts will be explored in the seminar.