figurePrelecionista: doutoranda Priscila Andrade Data: 10/05/22, às 16h, no Auditório do prédio ESB

Orientador: Gleiber Quintão Furtado

Resumo: Biological invasions are complex phenomena and a key problem for both conservation of biological diversity and ecosystems functioning worldwide. The transport, establishment and spread of alien plant pathogens into new geographic areas require organisms to be able to overcome some barriers, such as geographic, environmental and reproductive. Understanding the determining factors in the success or failure of biological invasions by potentially invading organisms has been the objective of studies in the area of invasion biology. In this seminar, aspects related to propagule pressure, species invasiveness and invasibility of recipient ecosystems will be addressed in order to understand the role of these elements in the context of biological invasions by alien plant pathogens.