Dual Doctoral Degree

UFV-University of Kentucky

Starting in 2016, prospective students may apply to a dual Doctoral degree program administered jointly by the Graduate Program in Plant Pathology at Viçosa Federal University in Brazil and the Department of Plant Pathology at the UK. Dual degree students will obtain academic credits and develop part of the research for their Doctoral dissertations at the partner university.

Check the University of Kentucky webpage with examples of curriculum

A stay of at least 12 consecutive months at the partner university is required. Students who successfully complete a 4 to 5-year program will obtain Doctoral degrees in Plant Pathology from both UK (Ph.D.) and UFV (D.Sc.), certified by diplomas issued by both institutions. Students will develop language skills in English and Portuguese and become familiar with the norms of the discipline in both countries. Students will simultaneously fulfill the academic requirements of both institutions in order to obtain degrees from both. The main objective is to prepare students to work across borders in academic, government or industry areas.

*Pending the availability of funding.