Selection process


The Program has two selection processes per year for enrollment in either March or August. The selection steps comprise of a written exam (screening stage) and the evaluation of the academic records and of the Curriculum Vitae (qualifying stage).

General Application Process

Guidelines for current selection 2016/2  (Portuguese)

Applications should be made via Internet at graduate registration applicants web page at UFV until the deadline specified in item “3. SCHEDULE” (3. CALENDÁRIO – in Portuguese) of the document selection criteria. Upon registration, an on-line form must be filled. All documents required, following the instructions in the graduate registration system, should be uploaded.

Candidates close to the completion of their undergraduate courses may submit an application for a M. Sc. degree. Candidates close to the completion of their M. Sc. courses may apply for a Ph.D. and prove that they will complete their M. Sc. Degree until the day of enrollment for the first semester or second semester of each year according to the academic calendar approved by the Board of Education and Research of UFV.

Only applicants who submit the required documentation within the period specified in the item “3. CALENDAR” may have their applications approved by the Coordination Committee. The candidate, upon submitting the required documents, is responsible for the veracity of the information provided.

By applying for the selection process, the candidate acknowledges and accepts the criteria established by the Coordinating Committee of the Graduate Program in Plant Pathology at UFV, of which the candidate cannot claim ignorance.

Employed candidates

Candidates for the Doctorate that are employed and do not require a scholarship will be selected only based on the analysis of the Curriculum Vitae and on follow requirements:

  1. Proof of prior contact with an advisor of the Plant Pathology Program.
  2. Submission of a detailed research project containing Introduction, Justification, Objectives and Methodology.
  3. Submit three letters of recommendation
  4. On-line registration as required by the Dean’s Office for Research and Graduate Studies at UFV.

Deadline for enrollment 2016/2

For those enrolling in the second semester of 2016, the registration will be on July 28, 2016 at the Office of the Plant Pathology Graduate Program from 08:00 to 11:30 hours and from 13:00 to 15:30 hours.

 Documents Required:

  1. Registration form – personal data
  2. Registration application form
  3. Copy of the Undergraduate degree diploma
  4. Copy of the Master’s diploma or statement/defense minute
  5. Copy of the Academic records
  6. Copy of the Master’s Academic Records
  7. Copy of the Personal Identification, Unique Personal ID (CPF), ballot title and certificate of reservist
  8. Birth or marriage certificate
  9. 3 × 4 photo
  10. Registration fee (original proof of payment)