Research areas


Methods to diagnosis plant diseases. Techniques used to detect pathogens. Evaluation of the importance of plant diseases. Identification of pathogens causing disease on crops. Life cycle, physiology and genetic variability of pathogens. Different aspects of host-pathogen interactions.


The influence of the environment on pathogens, hosts and on the host-pathogen interaction. Spatial and temporal dynamics of epidemics. Epidemiological effect of disease control strategies. Comparative epidemiology. Development or evaluation of prediction and simulation. Studies of loss and damage caused by diseases. Ecological and genetic aspects of plant pathogen populations.

Disease Control

Evaluation of different control methods (e.g. genetic, biological, chemical, physical and cultural). Elucidation of the nature of the plant’s resistance to pathogens. Development of methods or products for disease control (biological agents and alternative products). Technology of application of products for disease control. Integrated disease management. Economic analysis of the disease control strategies.