Special Seminar: Nicole Donofrio (University of Delaware, USA) “Triggering plant basal immunity by identification and analysis of genes from the rice blast fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae: forward screens & confocal scenes”

Bolstering plant basal immunity holds promise for controlling plant diseases, however its deployment first requires a better understanding of the genetic components contributed by both organisms, and how they interact. The interaction between the […]

Special Seminar: A biological perspective on Tospovirus proteins and their roles during infection and dissemination in plants and thrips

Dr. Richard Kormelink (Lab. of Virology, Dep. of Plant Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands) is visiting the Molecular Virology Lab (Prof. Zerbini and Prof. Carvalho) and will be giving a Seminar entitled: “A biological […]

Paper in PLoS ONE: Independently founded populations of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum from a tropical and a temperate region have similar genetic structure

A paper by a former postdoc at the Mizubuti’s Lab (Population Biology of Plant Pathogens), Dr. Miller Lehner, has been published in PLoS ONE. The work was conducted in collaboration with the Pethybridge’s Lab […]

Welcome reception to new students

The traditional welcome reception to the new students (with coffee and cheese roll) occurred on March 14h and was led this time by the Department Head (Prof. Olinto Pereira) and the just elected Graduate Program […]

Seminar: Discovery and Engineering of Biosynthetic Pathways in Aspergillus

Prof. Thomas Ostenfeld Larsen (Departament of Biogeneering da Technical University of Denmark) during a visit to Prof. Abreu’s laboratory, will give a talk at the Department entitled “Discovery and Engineering of Biosynthetic Pathways in […]

DFP student receives two awards in a Nematology meeting in Canada

The doctoral student Thalita S. A. Monteiro of the BIONEMA lab (Prof. Leandro Freitas) received two awards at the Joint Meeting of the ONTA (Organization of Nematologists of Tropical American) and SON (Society of […]

Former student and current mentor of the graduate program receives two awards

The former undergraduate student in Agronomy and graduate student in Plant Pathology in our Department, Prof. Pierce Anderson Paul, currently and associate Professor with Ohio State, received two awards: th  OARDC Distinguished Junior Faculty […]

Nature Biotechnology publication

The results of a research conducted by Prof . Sérgio Brommonschenkel. in collaboration with The Sainsbury Laboratory (Norwich, UK) and DuPont Pioneer (Johnston, IA), was published at the Nature Biotechnology. The work focused on […]

International meeting on wheat diseases

Eleven members of the DFP, including two profesores, three post-docs and six students of the Epidemiology and Plant-pathogen interaction labs attended the  5th International Symposium on Fusarium head blight e 2nd International Workshop on […]

DFP’s Professor attended the CBS Spring Symposium

In early April, Prof. Olinto L. Pereira attended the CBS Spring Symposium 2016 held in Netherlands. The event is one of the main meeting that occur annually in the field of taxonomy and molecular […]



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