Postdoctoral position in plant-parasitic nematodes (biological control)

The Graduate Program in Plant Pathology of the Universidade Federal de Viçosa (Viçosa, MG Brasil) is offering a post-doctoral position funded by the CAPES-PNPD (Postdoctoral National Program). This position targets early-career international researchers (including […]

Special Seminar (19 nov 18:00h): You’re not my type: DNA as type and modern fungal taxonomy

19 Novembro 2018. 18:00. Local: Sala de reuniões do DFP. Madison McCuculloch. Estudante de mestrado da University of Kentucky. Humans have a natural tendency to order the world around them because once something has been categorized, it […]

Workshop em Bioinformática: Essential Skills for Next Generation Sequencing and Data Analysis

The “Programa de Pós-Graduação em Fitopatologia”, as part of the dual degree agreement with the Department of Plant Pathology of the University of Kentucky, will be hosting a workshop covering the acquisition and bioinformatic […]

Seminário Especial: Phylogenomics and genome-enabled molecular diagnostics for blast diseases

Prelecionista: Prof. Mark Farman. Department of Plant Pathology, Healthcare Genomics Center, University of Kentucky. (15/05/2018, às 16:00 horas). Genome sequencing has transformed the field of phylogenetics to provide unprecedented insights into organismal evolution. This is especially so […]

Special Seminar: A Novel Antiviral Role of an Essential Chromatin-associated Cellular Protein in Tombusvirus Replication in Yeast and Plants

Nesta segunda-feira, dia 23 de abril de 2017, as 16 h na sala de reuniões do DFP, será transmitido por videoconferência o Seminário “A Novel Antiviral Role of an Essential Chromatin-associated Cellular Protein in […]

Special Seminar: New Developments in an Old Pathosystem: Frogeye Leaf Spot of Tobacco

No dia 26 de março, as 16h, na sala de reuniões do DFP será transmitido por video-conferência o seminário pela Dra. Emily Pfeufer, Professora do Department of Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky.O seminário tem o título: New […]

Seminar: The Walking-dead: Formigas zumbis e os fungos que as manipulam

Speaker: João Araújo (28/11/2017, às 16:00 horas), Pennsylvania State University. Myrmecophilous Ophiocordyceps – including the so-called zombie-ant fungi – comprise one of the most intriguing and fascinating relationships between microbes and animals. They are […]

Defense Seminar: Taxonomy and molecular phylogeny of Cladosporiaceae and Botryosphaeriales associated with different crops in Brazil

André Wilson Campos Rosado (28/11/2017, 17:00 h).  Currently, the modern taxonomy of fungi is based on the combination of morphology and molecular analyses. Although this polyphasic approach is increasingly used, many diseases caused by Cladosporiaceae […]

Special Seminar: Genetic diversity and pathogenicity of Colletotrichum species affecting sorghum in the southern United States

Profa. Lisa Vaillancourt (07/11/2017, às 16:00 h), University of Kentucky. Título:  “Genetic and pathogenic diversity of Colletotrichum species affecting Sorghum bicolor and Sorghum halepense in the southeastern United States”.

Special Seminar: Nicole Donofrio (University of Delaware, USA) “Triggering plant basal immunity by identification and analysis of genes from the rice blast fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae: forward screens & confocal scenes”

Bolstering plant basal immunity holds promise for controlling plant diseases, however its deployment first requires a better understanding of the genetic components contributed by both organisms, and how they interact. The interaction between the […]



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