foto_sabrinaPrelecionista: Sabrina Angela Cassol
Orientador: Rafael Ferreira Alfenas
Data: 04/06/2024, às 16h
Local: Anfiteatro do ESB

ResumoPlant diseases result from a complex interaction among the environment, the pathogen, and the host. However, it is known that the microbiome associated with plants can affect the functionality of the plant and the dynamics of its interaction with the environment and other organisms. Thus, plants and their associated microbiome can be considered a single entity, termed a holobiont. Understanding how the interaction of plants with their microbiome affects plant diseases provides valuable insights into disease management. Similarly, microorganisms can also host other microorganisms, and these interactions can also impact the dynamics of plant diseases. With this in mind, this seminar will address interactions between fungi and their bacterial residents, aiming to answer two central questions: can fungi, like plants, be considered holobionts? And how can bacteria residing in fungi alter the dynamics of plant diseases? Examples of bacteria that explore new environments through fungal pathways, defend their fungal hosts with chemical weapons, or produce virulence factors in their fungal hosts will be presented. These examples will help explore how bacteria can influence the behavior of their fungal hosts and the potential implications of these interactions on plant diseases.