Fábio Alex Custódioimagemseminario Data: 30/11/2021, às 16h, pelo ZOOM* Orientador: Olinto Liparini Pereira

Fusarium is a genus of fungi known to cause diseases in humans, animals and plants includes crops of great agronomy and forestry importance. Many species producing mycotoxins are responsible for causing great economic losses, mainly because they can affect human and animal health. The genus Fusarium was described in 1809, from its description to the present day, several criteria are proposed to delimit which species and complexes of fungal species should be classified in the genus. Currently, two groups of researchers propose different criteria to delimit which species belong to the genus. A research group proposes to classify some species complexes into other genera (e.g. Fusarium solani species complex for the Neocosmospora genus). The other group of researchers proposes a broader concept for Fusarium, including a large number of taxa. This seminar addresses the reasons and importance of understanding what is happening in Fusarium taxonomy. In addition, it will also be discussed which criteria are used by each research group to define who is Fusarium.

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