Seminars of the Graduate Program of Plant Pathology at UFV





Seminário: Taxonomia, filogenia e atualidades da ordem Asterinales

Dr. André Luiz Firmino (21/03/2017 às 17:00 horas).

Data e horário: 21/03/2017 às 17h
Local: Anfiteatro do ESB


Welcome reception to new students

The traditional welcome reception to the new students (with coffee and cheese roll) occurred on March 14h and was led this time by the Department Head (Prof. Olinto Pereira) and the just elected Graduate Program Committee: Prof. Emerson Del Ponte (chairman), Prof. Robert Barreto (member) and Prof. Leandro Freitas (member).

The group […]

Seminário – Quantitative research synthesis: what does it mean for plant pathology?

Doutorando Franklin Jackson Machado (11/10/2016 às 16:00 hrs). The exponential growth of scientific information makes it increasingly challenging for researchers: results across studies are not always similar and it is not uncommon to find contradictory conclusions. Therefore, reliability of the decisions based on results from small-sample studies, such as on […]