Seminars of the Graduate Program of Plant Pathology at UFV





Special Seminar: Genetic diversity and pathogenicity of Colletotrichum species affecting sorghum in the southern United States

Profa. Lisa Vaillancourt (07/11/2017, às 16:00 h), University of Kentucky. Título:  “Genetic and pathogenic diversity of Colletotrichum species affecting Sorghum bicolor and Sorghum halepense in the southeastern United States”.

Seminário de Defesa: Phylogeny, toxigenic potential and morphology of Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti species complex infecting Brazilian rice

Mestranda: Caroline Fernanda de Ávila (orientação: Prof. Emerson Del Ponte)  (31/07/2017 às 08:00 horas). Brazil is the largest rice-producing country outside the Asian continent. Fusarium species infect and colonize cereal grains, and some are able to produce dangerous mycotoxins that may accumulate in the kernels. Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti species complex (FIESC) are […]

Special Seminar: A biological perspective on Tospovirus proteins and their roles during infection and dissemination in plants and thrips

Dr. Richard Kormelink (Lab. of Virology, Dep. of Plant Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands) is visiting the Molecular Virology Lab (Prof. Zerbini and Prof. Carvalho) and will be giving a Seminar entitled: “A biological perspective on Tospovirus proteins and their roles during infection and dissemination in plants and thrips.” […]

Seminário de Defesa: Botryosphaeriales associated with acerola dieback in Brazil and stem-end rot, gummosis, leaf blight and dieback of ornamental, fruit and native trees cultivated near to orchards in Northeastern Brazil.

Doutoranda: Patrícia Gonçalves Castro Cabral (21/03/2017 às 16:00 horas). O Brasil destaca-se como o terceiro maior produtor e exportador de frutas do mundo. Um dos principais pólos de produção de frutas frescas para exportação encontra-se na região do submédio do Vale do Rio São Francisco, na microrregião de Petrolina-Juazeiro. O […]

Seminário: Taxonomia, filogenia e atualidades da ordem Asterinales

Dr. André Luiz Firmino (21/03/2017 às 17:00 horas).

Data e horário: 21/03/2017 às 17h
Local: Anfiteatro do ESB


Welcome reception to new students

The traditional welcome reception to the new students (with coffee and cheese roll) occurred on March 14h and was led this time by the Department Head (Prof. Olinto Pereira) and the just elected Graduate Program Committee: Prof. Emerson Del Ponte (chairman), Prof. Robert Barreto (member) and Prof. Leandro Freitas (member).

The group […]